These are my projects, both research and personal.

Most of the work I've done here is in C++ (which is my favorite programming language!) but I use Python a lot too. I think they balance each other well, and play nice together. You can click the names of the projects below to view the source or technical writeups.

  • This site!
    Click here for a development log of this website and to see what sorts of changes have happened over time.
  • Deep Learning & Protein Allostery
    I am currently an undergraduate researcher at the Glasgow Lab at the Columbia University Medical Center, where I conduct research on how to apply deep learning methods to study engineering protein allostery. I am generously funded by the I. I. Rabi Scholar Program through Columbia College's Undergradute Research Fellowship program. Most of my work is done in Python, although once things are mature reimplementation in C++ is a possibility.
  • NASA SPEARS 3D Microscope
    This is the abstract for the research I counducted through my internship at NASA Ames. I created a machine-learning based data quality evaluator and am working on segmenting the data into distinct regions. I also reimplemented prototyped MATLAB 3D reconstruction algorithms into performant C++ code for use on embedded hardware. You can read more about the SPEARS 3D microscope project here.
  • Sagashi「さがし」
    This is an in-progress command line utility which provides sentence parsing, dictionary lookup, and Anki (a popular flashcard program) integration for the study of the Japanese language. I've mainly implemented this for myself, as having a CLI utility enables scripting with other handy programs, such as an accessory script I wrote in Python to get text in images via OCR. Perfect for studying any kind of media! Written in C++.
  • F(ast)TeX
    A lightweight and minimal language-spec and transpiler written around LaTeX to make taking short notes much much faster. By simplifying syntax with user customization, one is able to focus solely on the math (or anything) at hand. Planned support for slides with beamer. Written in C++.
  • FRC Database
    This is the code for the database I wrote for my FIRST Robotics Team to use for parts management. While the main program is a command line utility, there is a GUI implementation as well. It uses various python scripts to sync with the cloud on write and read, so multiple users can use the application at the same time. Written in C++, with the GUI done using SFML, a lightweight C++ GUI library.
  • Tag!
    This is the code for a game I wrote back in middle school, tag. It was originally written in Javascript on Khan Academy (where I have fond memories of programming games), but I ported it to C++ during 9th grade as a way to learn the language. It's written in SFML as well.

Contact me here, or view the source repository here.