Development Log

A log of this website's maintenance and development.

This website is written with a combination of Svelte and TailwindCSS. It uses MDSveX to render Markdown into blog posts, but no other packages, for very few dependencies.

July 2023

  • Completely revamped the internals, switching to Svelte, as the old React code had broken in a large NextJS change, and Svelte (in my opinion) is a better framework.
  • Completely redid the UI, focusing on a cleaner, more minimalist look with style.
  • Purged a lot of unnecessary pages, and redid some of the page organization.

May 2022

  • Redid my About Me, and the Recommendations page.
  • Added the Nature page for my photos.
  • Added a footer with a link to the source repository.

January 2022

  • I revamped the site's UI completely, shifting from the obtuse navigation bar at the top to the side nav with icons. I kept the concept of the top bar, but removed the links and have just kept my GitHub and Discord icons there.
  • I also started adding more pages, and cleaning up the unfinished ones.

August 2021

Beginning of this website.

Contact me here, or view the source repository here.